Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

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Annual Events

  • February-Docent Valentine’s Tea
  • April-Heritage Gala, Fundraiser
  • July-Time Travel Thursdays Download flyer
  • September-Pioneer Day
  • December-Candlelight Christmas


     All tours include main house, barn, blacksmith shop, smokehouse, and all additional outbuildings on the farmstead.

Regular Public Tour Fee:

Tours held during hours of operation

  • $5.00 donation per person

Tour on closed date/time, contact to arrange

  • $50 fee

Group Tours

Fees for group tours will be due 7 days prior to selected date.  In the event of a rain out or weather delay, your paid tour will be applied to rescheduled date.

School Tours (50+children)    

  • $3.00 per student, $5.00 adult

The price for a school tour of 50 or more, is $3.00 per student and $5.00 per parent/ chaperon who accompany them. Teachers and bus drivers are free with school ID.  Please collect parent/chaperon fees prior to field trip date.

School Tours (Up to 50 children)

  • $5.00 per person

The price for a school tour is $5.00 per person. Teachers and bus drivers are free with school ID. Please collect parent/ chaperon fees prior to field trip date.

Small Group Tours  $5.00 per person
The price for a group tour is $5.00 per person.


Sarah’s Trunk Presentation
We recommend a Sarah's Trunk presentation before bringing children to the farmstead. This presentation answers the question "What was daily life like in the frontier community?" For more information or to schedule a Sarah's Trunk presentation, contact the Heritage Circle at heritagecircle@verizon.net