The Pounds had nine children, seven of whom lived to adulthood and were raised here.  Four generations of family occupied the farmstead over a period of 130 years, until 1983. We are very happy to have as a docent to our museum the Great Great-Granddaughter (Wanda Mauldin) of Joseph & Sarah Pound. 

​​​Take a step back in time and into the rich history of Dripping Springs at the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead museum.  Nestled on five beautifully shaded, oak-filled acres, the 1854 farmstead - built by one of Dripping Springs’ founding families- offers a fascinating and informative glimpse into our community’s historic past.

Originally built as two log pens (cabins) with a center “dog trot” breezeway, the Pound farmstead has been meticulously restored to its exact composition and appearance from the period when Dr. Pound lived here.

Experience the flourishing rural life of a Central Texas pioneer farmstead and see the beautifully renovated barn, smokehouse, windmill, and garden areas. Dr. Pound was well advanced in today's sustainable living mindset- having built into the home and out-buildings an attached rainwater collection cistern: a self-watering trough for the farm animals, and the amazing in-ground hot house that kept his medicinal herbs and vegetable seedlings growing all winter.

The peaceful gardens and grounds include an oak tree that is estimated to be over 500 years old. Identify the antique roses that Sarah brought as cuttings to her new home from her native Mississippi. Bring a picnic lunch to eat at our tables under the shade trees.

​-Friends of the Pound House Foundation-
The Foundation consists of a fifteen member board, each serving a three year term. This is a working board responsible for the restoration, maintenance, and financial well-being of the Pound House.

Friends of the Pound House Foundation(FPHF)is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.     

Donations allow the FPHF to continue restoration and maintenance of the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead. 

More importantly, however, we will be able to continue to develop and offer quality educational programs to our local school children and to our community. 

-Board of Trustees-

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Jenny Pack, Marketing Director   Lisa Chaffin   Claireen Fellers   Melissa Herweck   Betty Meyer   Lauren Neugebauer  Tara Reimers   Wanda Mauldin, Great-Great Granddaughter of Sarah & Joseph Pound


Joseph M. Pound first came to Texas in 1847 to fight in the war against Mexico. He returned to Kentucky to pursue his medical education, but returned with his wife, Sarah, in the early 1850’s.  In 1854-55, they built a two-room log cabin in an untamed area of Central Texas, present day Dripping Springs.  Dr. Joseph Pound  envisioned a thriving, industrious, and self-sustaining town and he worked hard to lay a firm foundation of community, education, and prosperity for future residents.

As a founding family of what is now Dripping Springs, the Pounds were at the hub of community life, opening their house and grounds to serve as a medical office and hospital, church sanctuary, schoolhouse, and social gathering place. Dr. Pound was known to treat the local Native Americans with respect and, in turn, the “Medicine Man” and his family were spared the raids going on around them at the time.  A trail used by the Kiowa and Comanche Indians is still visible southeast of the house.